Integral Blinds For Windows 

Transform your windows with integral blinds 
Integral blinds are very popular with our customers in Beverley, Hull and across East Yorkshire due to their modern and efficient design. Rather than hanging against the window, integral blinds are fitted inside the double glazed unit itself, making them neat and tidy, completely maintenance-free, and adding a contemporary feel to any room. 

Perfect for all kinds of homes 

Integral blinds really add to the modern aesthetic of a property and look great all year round. They’re also an increasingly popular choice with people in all kinds of other types of houses and apartments, as they complement all layouts and styles. 
Whether you live in a newly built detached property, a semi-detached home, a cosy bungalow or a mid-terrace house with a long history, we guarantee that switching to integral blinds will be a decision that you never regret. 

Say goodbye to cleaning your blinds 

One of the most attractive features offered by integral blinds is that they never need to be cleaned. Dirt and dust can’t reach the blinds due to them being perfectly fitted within the double glazed window unit, ensuring that they remain clean and bright without any maintenance. If you’re looking for a sleek and stress-free solution to blinds for your home, look no further than our wide range of integral blinds. 

Additional benefits of integral blinds for windows  

As well as looking fantastic, integral blinds offer a number of benefits to homeowners: 
Better energy efficiency: Integral blinds are far more effective at keeping your home cool in summer and warmer during the winter months. This is because they help to reflect solar heat when your home is already warm and absorb internal heat when the temperature drops, ensuring excellent thermal efficiency. 
Optimal hygiene: Due to the blinds being sealed inside the glazing unit, they won’t gather dust, fluff, splatters, dead insects and stains, making them very hygienic. That’s why integral blinds are also a popular option with public buildings such as offices, hospitals and schools. 
Keep out the sun: On particularly bright days, integral blinds make it very easy to create shade in your home at the pull of a cord or the flick of a switch. The neatly fitted blinds can block out the sun’s rays entirely, without any gaps at the bottom or sides. 
Total privacy: No gaps also means that nobody can see into your home, making integral blinds a must-have product for people who appreciate uninterrupted privacy. They also come in a pleated fabric that can be blackout if preferred. 
Child-friendly and pet-friendly design: Babies, toddlers, young kids and household pets are very curious by nature, which can result in them causing damage to traditional blinds. Meanwhile, integral blinds are shielded from playful hands, which also makes them safer for families with small children. 
Choose from a variety of colours: As with traditional blinds, our integral blinds come in a range of designs and colours so that you can choose a type that either blends in with your décor or stands out from the crowd. 

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