With so many options to choose from, it can be easy to fall prone to window blind blindness! Luckily we’re here to offer expert advice and tailored recommendations, ensuring that you choose the right kind of blinds to suit your needs, preferences and unique style. 
In this blog we’re looking at five types of window blinds that are available from Minster Blinds. Next month we’ll look at another five, so make sure to pop back to our website regularly or call us on 01482 241 000 if you need help in the meantime. 

Roller blinds 

A true classic, roller blinds are great because they leave the window completely unobstructed when raised and entirely blocked when rolled down. This means you can choose how much light you let into a room by adjusting the blind either manually using its chain or via an optional remote control. 
Roller blinds remain very popular because they look simple yet stylish, plus they’re available in a wide range of colours and patterns. They also come with optional extras such as blackout fabric, giving you the ability to choose a type that perfectly fits the design of your home. 

Senses roller blinds 

The Senses roller blind is designed so that the roll at the top can be hidden by a metal or fabric pelmet, creating a truly modern appearance. The pelmet can be the same colour as the blind or you can pick another fabric, as well as chrome, black chrome, brushed chrome, gold or white end caps. 
Like regular roller designs, Senses roller blinds come with a control chain. However, the key difference is the child-safe Slo-Rise spring operation, which allows you to simply give the chain a short tug and the blind will then gradually rise to a position that was set during installation. Alternatively, you can have your Senses roller blind installed with a convenient remote control. 

Wood venetian blinds 

A true classic that looks fantastic, our wood venetian blinds are available in five eye-catching collections. This gives you the freedom to choose from a wide range of painted and stained finishes, which can blend into the rest of the room or add an eye-catching pop of colour. 
As well as picking the colour of the blinds, you can also decide whether you want to add decorative tapes that are available in sixteen hues. On top of that, you can even choose the tassels, valance and pelmets, making wood venetian blinds entirely customisable around your home’s personality. 

Faux venetian blinds 

Though faux wood venetians do look like they’re made of wood, it’s actually a robust and easy to clean PVC. This makes them perfect for living environments with a lot of moisture, such as kitchens, bathrooms and wet rooms. 
As with our wood variety, faux venetian blinds offer the choice of multiple colours, as well as options for the tassels and tapes. If you’re looking for beautiful window blinds that can handle pretty much anything, we highly recommend faux venetians. 

Metal venetian blinds 

If you adore a contemporary and sleek aesthetic, metal venetian blinds come with slats that are so thin, they become almost invisible when angled the right way. When the sun is too bright or you need some privacy, simply adjust them as required. 
Our metal venetian blinds are also available as a perfect fit frame, which extends right to the edge of the glazing. Find out more about our perfect fit blinds

Ask us for recommendations 

If you’re interested in window blinds for your home but don’t know which type to choose, get in touch with our team for some expert suggestions. 
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