Last month we talked about five popular types of window blinds and now we’re looking at another five that we can install in homes across Hull, Beverley and East Yorkshire. With so many styles to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect solution for each room of your home. 

Visage blinds 

Visage blinds have a unique appearance, as they're made of two layers of soft fabric that are connected by horizontal sheer vanes. The clever construction of this type of window blind helps to filter sunlight and UV rays, which can be changed by raising or lowering the blind. 
When completely raised, the views out of the window are completely unobstructed. When lowered with the sheer vanes aligned, you still have a partial view of the outdoors whilst retaining some privacy and reducing the amount of sunlight entering the room. And of course, when fully closed you have total privacy. 

Perfect Fit blinds 

Don’t let the name of this window blind make you think that our other options aren’t a great fit, as all of our products are made to measure. However, Perfect Fit blinds are specifically designed to fit windows that tilt or turn inwards, ensuring that they stay in place despite the window or door being moved. This is achieved through a No Screw or Drill Perfect Fit frame, which comes with the option of pleated, cellular, roller or metal venetian blinds. 
The frames are available in white, cream, brown, silver, mahogany, golden oak and anthracite, which means we can match this innovative blind system to most double glazed windows, doors and also some types of bi-fold doors. 

Pleated and cellular blinds 

Pleated and cellular blinds are a particularly popular choice for conservatories, although they can also be used for other types of windows. They’re available as free-hanging blinds or can be used as part of the Perfect Fit system (see above), making them highly versatile. 
Pleated and cellular blinds used to be limited in design but they’re now available in all kinds of fabrics, textures, patterns and colours. Our range of pleated blind fabrics also come with a reflective coating, which helps to reduce the heat that can build up within a conservatory on a sunny day. 

Duo roller blinds 

Duo roller blinds take a creative spin on the traditional blind, as they offer a whole new level of shading experience. Thanks to alternating stripes of sheer and opaque fabrics that pass over each other, the result is an interesting open-and-closed effect that offers the best of both worlds. 
This system does of course give the options of being fully open and fully closed, but what our customers love the most is the attractive striped appearance that’s achieved when the blind is down but open. As with all of our window blinds, duo roller blinds come in a variety of colours and finishes, allowing you to find a style that perfectly complements the wider room. 

Vertical blinds 

A classic look in previous decades, vertical blinds are experiencing a revival and suit all kinds of modern homes. Offering high levels of control over how much light you’d like to enter the room, they’re also great when deciding how much privacy you need at different times of day and night. 
Our vertical blinds come in many colours, textures and weaves, which range from suede effect and rigid PVC to traditional textured patterns and blackout options, plus many more! 

Ask us for recommendations 

If you’re interested in window blinds for your home but don’t know which type to choose, get in touch with our team for some expert suggestions. 
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